Due to recent passing of a dear friend to breast cancer I want to revisit an earlier blog I posted in 2015. I have been working with women affected by breast cancer for 20 years and it still upsets me when I hear that women are still losing their breast and lives to breast cancer.

With all my years of experience with women and breast cancer nothing prepared me for the shock when earlier this month one of my beloved staff members was diagnosed with Breast cancer

It’s not until someone close to you has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is about to lose her breast in the effort to save her life that you truly realise what an enormous impact this has on them and also on their family and friends.

I have so much admiration for this Lady; she has shown so much strength throughout this harrowing ordeal. She is such a caring loving person and she wants to shout it from the rooftop and share her experience to help other women realise the importance of breast checks.

This is her story.

“Firstly let me tell you I am blessed…Blessed in so many ways

When I started working at CasaMia I really had no idea about a proper fitting bra let alone about breast awareness.. But I learnt how to fit a bra and how great the difference was in look and the happiness of the wearer…I also learnt about Breast Cancer. I learnt how not to be shocked at how many women had or have breast cancer.

I also learnt to be Breast Aware and this is why I feel blessed. I had only been working at CasaMia for 3 months when I started getting an unusual pain in my left breast. At first I thought the discomfort was from wearing my latest new bra..(Let me tell you I own about a dozen new bras since working their) so I naturally wore a different bra but the pain was still there.

Because of Breast Awareness I did a self examination..I found exactly where the tender spot was. I didn’t muck around with this finding so the very next day I went to my GP and explained what I had found and asked for a Mammogram. He suggested an n Ultrasound too, so I booked in for my first mammogram and waited…and kept busy by working to stop thinking about it.

I had my first mammogram 10th July 2015…I had my second mammogram 13th July 2015 this was more intense type of Mammogram.

I had a biopsy mammogram 16th July and an Ultra sound guided core biopsy on my left breast in hospital. I had another ultra sound guided core biopsy on my right breast on the 20th July.

At the time of the Ultra sounds and mammograms I stayed positive, I didn’t know what the outcome would be so I relied on the support of some wonderful women in my life. I needed to stay focused and strong and positive so I kept working, for me keeping busy was not only an escape from worrying about something you have no control over. It was also productive and that part of my environment I could control.

My results came back.

I had breast cancer…27th July 2015.. Two different types in my left breast

I was gobsmacked….I felt like it was all so surreal, I was so lucky I had my Wonderful Boss and dear friend Maralyn with me holding my hand and listening to what was said, because I heard cancer and something in my head got stuck on those words.

I had my left breast and 4 lymph nodes removed on the 6th of August.

I feel I am blessed. I am here because of breast awareness. I would have ignored the unusual pain, I know what I am like…I am a typical Mum “I eat the burnt chop” I always put myself last, who knows when I would have acted on it, what the outcome would have been. I am sharing my story because anyone can get cancer it does not discriminate. It wasn’t in my family history; no one has had cancer….

I may have lost a one breast but when I think of the circumstances surrounding these unforseen events I AM TRULY BLESSED

Thank you to the amazing, beautiful, kind, caring people in my life, and that means my family and friends of course. Thank you for your support, driving me to appointments, getting me from hospital, being there for me, cooking yummy meals, cakes and coffee visits, shoulders to lean on, colouring books and calls and texts of love and well wishes.

It is so important to stay positive and I believe the support you have can make this so much easier to attain this positivity….


It doesn’t matter if you are male or female…check them..if not for yourself then do it for the love of your family and friends…come to the breastAware nights you are always welcome, like their face book page and you will always know when the next one is on.”

Talk care and LOVE yourself xxx…W

Name withheld as not all family members know.

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