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What a great workshop for a great cause! Information is presented in simple terms for everyone to understand. The experiences shared by the two brave women on the evening helped bring home how real this disease is and that it can affect any age group. The hands on resources were also a great tool to be able to detect lumps and practice self checking techniques. I've already started spreading the word about these FREE workshops and hope more women (and men) will attend and become more breastaware 🙂

I thought this workshop was fantastic! The personal accounts from women who have experienced breast cancer first-hand really help put things into perspective and highlight the need to perform regular self checks. It's a great initiative to help increase public awareness about breast cancer in general as well as explaining the importance of early detection. Thank you to the organisers for your dedication to this great cause.

Great to see you taking the time, to educate women on the importance of checking their breasts. I know that it is something we don't really want to do but you showed us all the reasons why we should and your event is something all women could benefit from attending. I certainly will be checking more often now.

A very informative and professional presentation. Talk by Professor Clingan was interesting and informative. Information regarding diagnostics was very helpful.

A must for all women to attend. I am so grateful to be have been able to attend this event FOR FREE! and learn life saving information. I urge every women to go! It's a SAFE and education environment, I mention that because of my anxiety! Please encourage every woman that you know, to attend!

Thank you for the lovely feedback

What a wonderful idea and encouraging to see so much public interest. I would perhaps suggest making Maralyn's talk a little quicker and more interactive. I would also completely take out the info about chemotherapy, as it is frightening without being useful to the aims of the meeting.

Thank you for your lovely feedback and suggestions, glad to hear you enjoyed the talk. BreastAware empowers women through education and the realities of breast cancer. Our intention is not to frighten women, however cancer is frightening and we feel though this education the public can understand more.

I held a work shop and invited some of our clients. The workshop was informative and educational. I love that we could give something back to our clients, that could possibly one day save their lives.

Thank you for the lovely feedback

As a Committee member I've attended several workshops and learn something new every time! I am so grateful for the information Maralyn shares. We know BreastAware is saving lives because EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.

Thank you for the lovely feedback


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